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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Broke & Repeat Pattern - Badminton Club

I just picked up a vinyl copy of the newest Cascade Records release "Badminton Club" by Broke & Repeat Pattern. Broke handles the vocals and Repeat handles the production.
I fucks with this release hard. A definite recommendation to pick this one up. I've been hoping for this project for a while and I was hyped to see when it was announced.
Broke and Repeat Pattern form an unstoppable duo. They clash the old school hip-hop vocal styling of Broke; packed full of smooth flows, urban & hip-hop culture references, with the forward thinking, steady knocking, jazzy slop-hop grooves Repeat Pattern is known for.
Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, this release may be short but it is TRULY sweet. There is a special depth and thought present. I have to note that it is some wonderful mastering by Barry Gardner, super clean. Hyped for the next project from these two. +++
Broke & Repeat Pattern - Badminton Club

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